Student Comments
Parent Comments

“GGT means a lot to me because all of the teachers here are nice and I’ve grown up with them. I have some really great friends i have known since i was 3.5 years old.  Everybody here is like my family and I love them.  This is the best place to be!  Thank you so much.

— Dionysis, 4th Grade


"I came to GGT from a different greek school, I felt like I belonged really fast, I love my teachers and class, we learn about Greece's geography and Mythology which is my favorite.    

What I love the best is that we do different things, like play games and act out plays, there is always something new and fun we are learning or doing.”

— Vasi, 4th Grade


We love it when K. Popi reads us stories. We learn a lot about Greek history, that's our favorite. We also really like playtime because we get to play fun Greek games. 

Sotirios and Georgia, 1st Grade

“My daughter has really enjoyed her year at GGT. She feels she has learned so much of the Greek language this year and is so proud of it. The school is very well organized and offers lots of fun events for kids to participate in throughout the year. They get to be part of important Greek celebrations and experience the culture through native speaking teachers. It is a very inclusive environment for parents and children alike. Parents are encouraged to get involved and their opinions and concerns are taken into account. Great place to bring my girl to learn the Greek language and about her Greek heritage!.”


— Tatiana, Belmont, MA

“GGT is not only a place where the teachers will go above and beyond to teach your children Greek as well as history, geography, mythology and  more, it is a wonderful meeting ground where families get together and children make long lasting friendships. ”


— The Lourotos Family, Bedford, MA

GGT has provided the chance for my son to learn more about Greek language and culture,  and for our family to connect with other Greek families in  Boston. The curriculum keeps my son engaged,  the teachers truly love the kids and it shows, and the families are invested. The parents pull together and put on great social events for the kids and are supportive of the teachers and the school. 

I can't say enough about the true sense of community that exists at GGT."


— Tanya, Lexington,MA


So grateful for our wonderful Greek school teachers and mom's that stepped up in a time of uncertainty to put together the GG tutoring group.  They have gone above and beyond to keep things consistent for our children and we are so appreciative of all their hard work and dedication in creating  such a great Greek tutoring program which even included social events for the kids and adults.”


— Maria, Arlington,MA


I can not say enough about how wonderful this program is. The books and content for each class is beyond my expectations. My children are learning more about the greek language and also culture and history of their ancestors. They love all the friends they have made here in this tight knit community and I know they will have them as life long friends.  


— Effie, North Reading, MA

My girls absolutely love having Kyria Popi as a teacher. It is also beautiful to see their friendships with other students continue to grow every year!


— Nektaria, Waltham, MA