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"We have been attending GGT since its beginning! My boys, now ages 10 and 8, love the environment, the teachers, the way of learning and all the social events! It is a great group of families that cares about teaching Greek language, tradition, and culture to the next generation! They do so not only through the classroom time but also through social events that relate to the Greek culture as well as opportunities to hang out with friends. The Vasilopita and Apokriatiko Glenti this year so far have been great hits that show my family Greek customs in action not just read through a text book! The teachers are very engaging with all ages and very encouraging! I cannot recommend GGT enough!"


— Anna, Arlington, MA

"There are so many wonderful things to say about GGT where our daughter has been a student for thepast two years. There is a strong sense of community and everyone makes you feel like family when you walk through the door. The director and the teachers give 100% of themselves and then some. The same love and safety our girl feels at home is being carried over in her school.  The values that are important to us are reflected in the school.  It is a place where our daughter learns the Greek language and also learns about her Greek heritage in a wonderful way!"

Angie and Yannis, Concord, MA


"My sons, Nick and George are graduates of GGT and they are now students in the post-graduate THELO program. We love THELO because it involves small group instruction, and themed group based projects that generate interactive class discussions and bonding. Kiria Marika and Kiria Eleni are excellent teachers who nurture and support their students who are varied in their Greek language abilities. Students receive homework in measured increments, as it is understood that at this age level, they are
in middle school and have an increased academic work load. Kiria Marika is sensitive to student needs and picks themes that stimulate thought and creativity. One of my sons’ favorite themes was to choose and write about a significant architectural work anywhere in the world and attach photos. This led to an
animated class discussion on ancient Greek architecture and its influence on modern works.


Another aspect of GGT and THELO that makes you feel as an integral part of a family unit, is the fact that parents are encouraged to help create and participate as volunteers in events, and field trips, such as the bus trip to Greek businesses and individuals who opened their hearts and doors to hear the students
sing the Kalanta. A memorable field trip was to the Museum of Fine Arts, where students received a personalized tour from a Greek staff member."

Christina, Chelmsford, MA

"I came to GGT from a different greek school, I felt like I belonged really fast, I love my teachers and class, we learn about Greece's geography and Mythology which is my favorite.    

What I love the best is that we do different things, like play games and act out plays, there is always something new and fun we are learning or doing.”

— Vasi, 4th Grade

“I can not say enough about how wonderful this program is. The books and content for each class is beyond my expectations. My children are learning more about the greek language and also culture and history of their ancestors. They love all the friends they have made here in this tight knit community and I know they will have them as life long friends. "


— Effie, North Reading, MA

"My girls absolutely love having Kyria Popi as a teacher. It is also beautiful to see their friendships with other students continue to grow every year!​"


— Nektaria, Waltham, MA

"I am so grateful to the teachers and parents who stepped up and offer to our kids the opportunity to learn Greek in such a supportive environment. The teachers and Mrs. Elaine helped so much my older one to get more comfortable with her classmates and classroom participation. Her Greek reading and writing skills have improved considerably without feeling any pressure from the school. My younger one is in kindergarten and just loves her teacher and is looking forward to her class every time! The parents
involved in the school go way and beyond in organizing activities and gathering for the kids and their families (the parties are always very fun!) and bringing aboard new teachers when needed. It is amazing how smoothly everything runs within just a couple of years from the start date of GGT. I am so thankful for all the hard work they put into this!  They exceeded every expectation!"


Olga, Arlington, MA

"Our son and daughter, first and third graders, have attended GGT for two years. They enjoy their lessons and love their teachers. As parents, we have been impressed with the staff and their curriculum. The teachers and the director are always in communication with the parents; I am well informed with our children’s homework. We love that the teachers are qualified educators. I was most impressed with their director, K. Elaine, always goes above and beyond for the parents and children. She is always available to communicate and is always willing to assist in any way; whether sending informative materials to assist our children with Greek or just helpful links that would help us be better parents. When our son was diagnosed with dyslexia and other learning disabilities, K. Elaine welcomed my son
and made me and my husband feel good sending him into a GGT classroom to learn Greek. Thank you GGT, and a special Thank you to K. Elaine Kakambouras!

Lou and Kate, Lincoln, MA

"As a non-Greek speaking family, it is a great adventure for us to have Gavin to attend GGT, which serves as a wonderful continuation for Gavin in exploring Greek culture and language. Gavin seems to enjoy every class with his teacher and classmates. When asking him if he wants to continue learning Greek, he always give us the very confirming answer-yes. As he says to us, “I feel happy there.” We think that it is powerful and we also believe it is coming from GGT and coming from the Greek culture. "

Linghui and Qiang, Arlington, MA

“My daughter has really enjoyed her year at GGT. She feels she has learned so much of the Greek language this year and is so proud of it. The school is very well organized and offers lots of fun events for kids to participate in throughout the year. They get to be part of important Greek celebrations and experience the culture through native speaking teachers. It is a very inclusive environment for parents and children alike. Parents are encouraged to get involved and their opinions and concerns are taken into account. Great place to bring my girl to learn the Greek language and about her Greek heritage!.”


— Tatiana, Belmont, MA

“GGT is not only a place where the teachers will go above and beyond to teach your children Greek as well as history, geography, mythology and  more, it is a wonderful meeting ground where families get together and children make long lasting friendships. ”


— The Lourotos Family, Bedford, MA

“GGT has provided the chance for my son to learn more about Greek language and culture,  and for our family to connect with other Greek families in  Boston. The curriculum keeps my son engaged,  the teachers truly love the kids and it shows, and the families are invested. The parents pull together and put on great social events for the kids and are supportive of the teachers and the school. 

I can't say enough about the true sense of community that exists at GGT."


— Tanya, Lexington, MA

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