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GGT offers classes beginning at the Pre-K level through grade six followed by the post-graduate program, THELO (Teen Hellenic Educational Language Organization). The curriculum is based on the program, Greek123 which was founded by Theodore C. Papaloizos Ph. D. and is used by individuals, teachers, schools, and universities throughout the world. It brings together the use of traditional teaching methods with technology in order to teach Greek as a second language. Our teachers incorporate supplemental materials including flashcards, activity books, music, and hands-on projects in order to enhance language acquisition, comprehension and conversational skills. Pre-K students are exposed naturally to the Greek language through play-based activities, nursery rhymes and singing, movement and exploring, arts & crafts, and story and circle time using visual, auditory and concrete teaching strategies. Kindergarten and K1 programs follow with a reinforcement of the basic skills including the alphabet, numbers, shapes, colors and basic vocabulary supported by verbal modeling, visual supports, song and movement, pre-writing and pre-reading. Students are taught letter sound knowledge as a prerequisite to reading and writing and advance through the program while acquiring knowledge of all forms of the Greek language, grammar, and vocabulary development.

The program is taught by scaffolding or the building of listening, speaking, writing and reading skills through organized units and is reinforced through the use of oral presentation, written projects, and the exposure to music, art and technology. GGT also offers a Lending Library of over one hundred age-appropriate books which students are able to access on a weekly basic, read in class or at home, and further develop skills through presentations and book reviews. Learning objectives are clearly identified and communicated during large and small group instruction, supported by assessments with modifications made when necessary, and enhanced by assignments or homework in order to support the students’ ability to make progress and acquire Greek language skills. While the overall goal is to teach our students the Greek language, culture and traditions, GGT recognizes the importance of educating the whole child both academically and socially. Lessons on social skills and the responsibility of every student to conduct themselves as respectful, honest, kind, and caring individuals are critical elements of the GGT curriculum.

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