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What grades does GGT teach?

GGT offers classes from kindergarten for students who are 5 years old by September 1 through grade six followed by a post-graduate program for students ages 12-15 years old.

How is it determined what grade my child should be placed in?

Typically, students are placed one level below the grade they attend in American school. The reasoning behind this policy is to allow students to develop a solid foundation in their native language prior to introducing a second language. If your child enrolls in GGT at age 5, he/she will participate in our K & K1 program for a total of two years prior to advancing to first grade. Two years in this program also ensures that each student has the necessary time needed to mature socially. Depending on the skill level of each child and the level of fluency and knowledge of the language, this policy may be reconsidered for students entering at a higher grade. GGT faculty will assess your child’s skills, confer with parents, and make recommendations based on evidence of language skills, results of assessments, and parent input. The goal is to place each student in the grade which is most appropriate, and likely to benefit the student academically and socially.

What language skills are taught?

GGT implements a teaching methodology that strives to reach learners of all abilities through differentiated instruction including whole and small group activities, visual and auditory approaches, hands-on activities, and interactive learning. Instructional strategies target listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. For more information about our curriculum click here.

Does GGT use a textbook?

Yes. GGT utilizes the Papaloizos program, Greek123 which includes a textbook, workbook, visual aids, flashcards, learning software or an audio program depending on the grade, and supplementary materials. See this link for further information:

Is there a homework policy?

In order to address the wide range of skills and abilities of our students, GGT’s approach to homework provides students with direct support and individualized attention from their teachers during the second half of class. Students work on their activity books and complete as much as possible in class and may finish it at home.  Students immediately receive reinforcement of what was learned that day in class and are motivated to request teacher input and interact with their classmates. Teachers also assign activities for the online component of the Papaloizos curriculum (grades K-5) and offer links to curriculum related activities and videos to be watched at home for additional practice and exposure to the Greek language.  

Will I receive feedback on how my child is progressing? 

Yes, you will receive two progress notes per academic school year highlighting listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as classroom participation and social skills.  Additionally, teachers send a weekly email to inform parents of classroom activities and homework.  All teachers are available to speak with parents or guardians via email or by phone at any time or in person after class has been dismissed.   


Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher should they have any concerns, or to simply request an update on their child’s progress.


Our GGT teachers are very passionate about teaching our students and working with all of our families. 


Our teachers communicate openly, frequently, and confidentially with parents.

We would like our child to learn to speak Greek but we are not of Greek background. Will my child be welcomed?

Absolutely! GGT is a privately run after-school enrichment program whose goal is to teach the Greek language, culture, heritage, and traditions to all children. Its educational philosophy embraces the belief that all children are capable of learning, and entitled to educational opportunities where curriculum is student-driven, meaningful, and motivating. Every child enrolled in GGT, regardless of his or her background is provided with the opportunity to learn the Greek language and acquire knowledge about Greek history, culture and traditions. GGT is a diverse community with families of varying backgrounds and experiences. GGT welcomes everyone!

How can I help my child learn Greek?

If you speak Greek at home or have extended family members who speak, using it often is most helpful! Consistent exposure is key to learning so embrace any opportunity whether it be through speaking, listening, writing or reading. Listen to books on tape or read age appropriate books to your child, watch videos on youtube, play games like hangman or category, draw pictures then talk about them in Greek, listen to music when at home or in the car, or have a simple discussion in Greek at the dinner table(ask for the salt, potatoes, etc.). When learning vocabulary in English, identify the Greek root to instill interest and make a connection. And, please keep in mind that by participating in your child’s learning experience through the completion of homework assignments, not only will help to reinforce skills taught in class but will also demonstrate the importance of investing in our children and their education.

I'd like to get involved, what can I do for the school?

There are many ways you can become involved in GGT and your child’s learning experience whether it be as a board member or as the chairperson of one of our many school events. GGT is an independent educational organization that employs an experienced teaching staff and incurs a variety of expenses which requires GGT to organize and conduct fundraisers and social events. One of GGT’s goals is to provide all students with opportunities to engage in these activities where they will make friends and develop life-long relationships through positive associations not only through their classroom time but also through social and enrichment events. Children, families and teachers participate in these social events where the main objective is for everyone to get to know each other, develop friendships and have fun.  All parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate to whatever degree is possible. Everyone has a special talent or skill set such as technology, accounting, event planning, marketing, culinary arts, artists, musicians, dancers, teachers, board game players, athletic, just to name a few!

GGT welcomes you to join in! If you’d like to share your passion and talents with the children, teachers will welcome you as a guest speaker! These extra-curricular activities can be aligned with the curriculum and provide creative learning opportunities for the students. Contact if you’d like to volunteer your talent and time!

Can I observe a class?

Yes! Just send a message to and we will arrange it.

What does tuition include?

Tuition for all programs includes two hours of instruction per week over the course of thirty weeks. A total of sixty hours of instruction is provided beginning in September and ending in May. There is an additional charge for the student reader and activity book for grades Kindergarten through sixth. Go to this link for tuition and book costs:

How do I register my child?

Go to this link:

Payment of full tuition and book fees are due three weeks before the start of classes to ensure enrollment and book orders.  

If I have any questions or concerns, who do I contact?

Should you need further information or have any questions regarding enrollment in GGT, please send an email to Should you have questions or concerns regarding your child during the school year, please contact your child’s teacher directly.

Is GGT on social media?

Yes, we are!  GGT has a private Facebook page where we share photos of our students, teachers, and family members participating in school events as well as a public Facebook page that is strictly used for marketing purposes. During the registration process, you will be given the opportunity to provide or withhold permission to post photos of your child. Posting of photos of children on the public page is done only with explicit parental permission.

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