Kindergarten & K1 Program

Kindergarten and K1 are co-taught programs for children who are 5 years old by September 1st  and utilizes the Papaloizos curriculum, Greek123.  The K curriculum (first year program) targets basic skills such as letter recognition, numbers, shapes, colors, and elementary conversation skills involving common phrases.  The K1 curriculum (second year program) expands on those basic skills to include letter sound knowledge, beginner reading, and increased conversational skills.  Each program has its own curriculum consisting of a lesson book, activity workbook, supplemental and online activities, and separate expectations.  Teaching approaches include whole and small group instruction through oral and beginner writing through hands-on activities.    All learners are supported through age-appropriate, fun and engaging lessons including literature through story time and read-a-louds, fine motor activities (drawing, arts & crafts), and gross motor skills (games, song and movement).  Placement in the K or K1 program is recommended for students who are in kindergarten and 1st grade in American school. For questions regarding placement and registration, contact GGT at