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Teen Hellenic Educational & Language Organization

Ages 12 - 15

Congratulations! Your child has successfully graduated from Greek School, having dedicated years to honing their Greek language skills. But guess what? The journey doesn't have to end here! Introducing Greek Group Tutoring's post-graduate program, THELO (Teen Hellenic Educational & Language Organization).


Designed for students aged 12-15, THELO offers a vibrant online community where young Hellenic enthusiasts can continue their Greek adventure. Our monthly thematic curriculum is packed with interactive learning, interdisciplinary projects, exciting field trips (virtually, of course!), lively group discussions, and inspiring guest speakers.

At THELO, students keep building on their writing, reading, comprehension, and conversational skills through engaging student-driven activities and personalized small-group instruction. So, if your child is eager to dive deeper into Greek culture and language, THELO is the perfect next step on their journey! Enroll now and let the adventure continue.


For more information contact the Director of Education, Marika Groussis

Tuition is $700 per student
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