Teen Hellenic Educational & Language Organization  

Ages 12 - 15

THELO (Teen Hellenic Educational & Language Organization)


Congratulations! Your child has graduated from Greek School after engaging in many years of Greek language skill development! Well, we are proud to say that it doesn’t have to end there! Greek Group Tutoring’s post-graduate program, THELO (Teen Hellenic Educational & Language Organization) is designed for students ages 12-15 who are interested in continuing their Hellenic journey. THELO provides a monthly thematic curriculum involving cooperative learning and interdisciplinary projects, field trips, group discussions, and guest speakers. Students continue to acquire and expand writing, reading, comprehension and conversational skills through fun, interactive student driven activities and small group instruction.


THELO (Teen Hellenic Educational Language Organization) will meet two hours each week online and in-person once every four to six weeks. Class times will be determined at a later date. To register for THELO, please complete the registration form below.  If you have questions, please contact elaine@ggtutoring.com