Our Faculty

Mrs. Elaine Kakambouras - Director of Education

Elaine Kakambouras has seventeen years of experience teaching students with and without disabilities in the Melrose and Winchester public school systems. She has also taught children in private settings while providing home-based services to students, and consultations and training to parents and family members. Elaine recently retired from Winchester Public Schools where she was the lead teacher of the Specialized Preschool Program. During this time, Elaine consulted to general education teachers within the integrated setting, and
provided training and supervision to all staff members on best teaching practices and individualized supports for students.


Elaine's educational background includes a Master of Education, Master of Arts in Public Management, Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis, a CAGS (Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies) in autism and a B.A. in Psychology. Elaine has also completed graduate courses in Sheltered English Immersion, Enhancing English Language Learning in Elementary Classrooms, Special Education for Administrators, Computer Technology and Curriculum Development, and Differentiated Instruction.


Elaine has completed a semester abroad in Athens, Greece, and has consulted and taught at “Olympia on the
Rainbow” a summer program for children with autism in Katakolon, Greece. She holds Massachusetts teachers licenses in Moderate Disabilities (Pre-K -8), and Early Childhood Education (Pre-K-2). She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and is licensed as an Applied Behavior Analyst by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Currently, Elaine is employed by SEEM Educational Collaborative as a behavior analyst.  She  serves as a consultant to public schools, and provides teacher, staff, and parent training.  Elaine conducts educational and behavioral assessments, and oversees the development and implementation of home-based services for children with learning challenges.   Elaine is passionate about teaching students of all abilities and needs, and providing families with guidance and support.

Mrs. Popi Moustakas - Greek School Teacher

Popi Moustakas was born and raised in Kamari, Tripolis of Greece. She finished high school in the Area of Tegeas, Tripoli and emigrated to United States and settled in Charlotte N.C. to learn and enrich the English language she was enrolled in Myers Park High of the same city and graduated from there 2 years later. She studied at the University of N.C. at Charlotte and graduated with a B.A. in English Language Arts and a certificate in Secondary Education with a major in English.


Popi taught English as Second language at Sedgefield Elementary school of Charlotte N.C. for 2 and half years. Prior to that she worked as a substitute teacher at the four high schools of Charlotte. In the summer of 1968 she moved to Newton, MA.


Soon after her arrival Popi worked for the Bank of America from 1968 to 1983. In September of 1989 she started working for the Saint Athanasius afternoon Greek school at Arlington, Massachusetts. Along with working at the afternoon school Popi started working also as a substitute teacher for the Medford Public schools. At the same time, she started teaching Sunday school at Saint Athanasius. Not too long after in the spring of 1996 she was hired as an inclusion Paraprofessional in Special Education for Osgood Elementary. When Osgood School closed down she continued at McGlynn Elementary of Medford Ma.


While working she continued her education by enrolling at Salem State University at Salem MA. At Salem State Popi studied and attained a Degree in Elementary Education and two years later she received a Master’s Degree in Elementary Education. At the present she works for the afternoon GG Tutoring program in Lexington MA. teaching the Greek language. Popi is very happy working with children, because she feels great love and satisfaction seeing them make great steps and progress for their future.

Eleni Kosmidis - Greek School Teacher

Eleni Kosmidis graduated from High School, Kozani, Greece and studied Architectural Design receiving an A.S. in Architectural Design from TEI Kozani. Coming to USA, she earned an A.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Business Administration at Fisher College, Boston MA.


In addition to her professional career as an Architectural Consultant a EKP Consultants, Norwell, MA, as a College Bursar, a Registrar and a  Financial Aid Advisor, at Fisher College, she pursued a career in education too.


She obtained a Certificate of Educator Training, at the University of Crete and an Attainment in Greek at the Ministry of National Education and Religion in NY.


Initially in Greece, Eleni has started as a tutor, by giving special classes in Math, Science as well as Modern and Ancient Greek in private and public schools. She worked at Public School of Dionysos, Athens Greece, educating students in core curriculum and assisting them in developing effective study methods to prepare them for examinations.


Later on in USA, she has been working as an educational technology specialist, giving Technology classes, such as, Compute skills, Computer Networks and Internet Access, at Hellenic American Academy in Lowell MA.


Eleni has many years of experience in education, teaching all levels of the Greek Language at Boston

International Language Institute and the 4th and 5th grade at Saint Athanasius, Afternoon Greek School, Arlington  Massachusetts in the past. Currently she is a teacher for the GG tutoring program in Lexington, MA.

Marika Groussis - Greek School Teacher

Marika Groussis holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology & Social Sciences from Panteion University in Athens, Greece, has studied French, and is licensed in Early Childhood Education from Holyoke Community College.  Marika joins GGTutoring in the fall of 2018, as she continues to teach pre-K as a lead teacher at Knowledge Beginnings, in Burlington, MA.  Her teaching experience in Greece includes both private tutoring and teaching of Sunday School. 


Marika loves teaching children and seeks ways to blend that with her love of Greek language and heritage as evidenced by her 15-year membership in Lykeio twn Ellinidwn.  Marika lives in Boston with her husband, Spiros, and son, Andreas. Marika is CPR- and first aid-certified.

Dimitra Groumpou - Greek School Teacher

Dimitra Groumpou was born and raised in Kefalas, Sparta, Greece. Following graduation from high school in Sparti, Dimitra continued her studies at the University of Patras, Greece. Dimitra completed her thesis on the topic, “The Aggression of Children in Pre-school age” within the Department of Educational Sciences and Early Childhood Education.


Dimitra served as an assistant teacher for three years, and as lead teacher for one year at PAIDORAMA kindergarten prior to moving to the United States. Dimitra also has experience as Parallel Education Support for a child with special education needs at PAIDOROMA.


Dimitra loves teaching children of all abilities and is excited about her 2nd year at GGT.

Eleni Vastis - Greek School Teacher

Eleni Vastis graduated from Sparti High School, and attended the University of Athens where she majored in secondary education.  She completed coursework in Greek literature and ancient Greek, and received a bachelor’s degree in secondary education in 2009.  Eleni continued her studies at the University of Aegean and received a second bachelor’s degree in elementary education in 2012.  During that time, Eleni also participated in educational seminars and workshops in mathematics, history and literature.


In addition to her formal studies, Eleni participated in an internship in elementary education in Rhodes, Greece.  She worked as an education specialist and consultant where she facilitated student participation in gifted and talented programs.  She conducted needs assessments, facilitated support groups for students, and program evaluations with staff and students. 


Eleni has experience as a teacher and a tutor in both Greece and the United States. She taught Greek language and culture at the St. Nectarios Church in Roslindale, MA from 2016-2018.  Eleni has been a teacher at the New England Metropolis of Boston since 2016 and has experience planning and implementing Greek core curriculum, and providing instruction in Greek language, culture, geography, and literature. 


Eleni is passionate about working with youth and utilizes a range of teaching methodologies and best practices to motivate and teach children to learn and excel.  She believes in creating a nurturing and compassionate learning environment where children can explore, be curious, and develop problem solving skills. 

Parthena (Nitsa) Wollen - Educational Consultant & Board Member

Parthena Wollen has nine years of experience teaching children a second language in both the public and private school settings.  She holds a B.A. in Early Childhood Education and French from Tufts University, and an M.A. in Bilingual/Bicultural Education from Teacher's College, Columbia University.

Parthena was a Greek School teacher at St. Athanasius for one year, and an elementary Spanish teacher for two years with Arlington Public Schools.  She has applied her teaching knowledge and expertise as an educator of English Language Learners for four years at Olathe Public Schools in Kansas.

Parthena has served as an Education Volunteer in Peace Corps in Paraguay for two years as a teacher trainer and was a Board member for “A Child's Place” two years in Westport, CT.

Parthena’s three children are attending GGT for their second year.   She joined the GGT board in October of 2018 and looks forward to working with teachers and parents, and supporting our students at GGT.

Christina Demopoulos - Greek School Substitute/Guest Teacher

Christina Demopoulos teaches K-4 in the Wakefield school system. She has experience teaching children of various ages and has worked in integrated special education classrooms. Christina also comes with experience as a tutor in Greek language and culture.


Currently working on attaining her certification in the Wilson Reading System, she attended UMass Amherst and received her Masters degree from Lesley  University.  She is also first aid and CPR certified.