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Pre-K Παίζω και Mαθαίνω - Play & Learn


Παίζω και Mαθαίνω - Play & Learn provides an inclusive, play-based, and nurturing
environment where students experience our Greek language and traditions through
developmentally appropriate activities while having fun and making friends! This program is for students who are ages 3.5 and 4, and toilet trained by September 1st. 


The Pre-K curriculum includes an introduction to basic communication skills and is taught through play, music & movement, dance, song, nursery rhymes, art, hands-on, and multi-sensory activities. A monthly theme targets key vocabulary, traditions, celebrations, common greetings, songs of the month, and books and activities that support the theme. Basic oral language skills include identification of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, common objects, animals, body parts, and family. Age-appropriate readiness and social skills include attending and engaging, following limits and expectations, managing feelings, learning to wait your turn, sharing with others, engaging in cooperative play and interactions with peers, and taking care of one’s needs.

Objectives are taught using a concrete approach including visual, auditory andgestural prompts, role-playing and modeling, and pretend play. A predictable and consistentclassroom routine includes circle time and calendar, story time, centers, choice time, and grossmotor movement. Pre-K level materials by Papaloizos Publications include a teacher manual,student activities, song, and online games to enhance the curriculum.


ΑΒΓ is where the fun begins. Enroll today.

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