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Γεια σας.


Welcome to the official website of GGT, (Greek Group Tutoring), a community based, progressive Greek language and enrichment program whose teaching approach is to educate  the whole child through meaningful learning experiences that embrace our Greek language, culture, history, and traditions.

Ages 3.5 - 15 

Learn Greek With Us

Our Mission

GGT’s educational mission is to provide an inclusive learning environment that
embraces, demonstrates, and instills the values of the Greek language, history, culture and traditions. Its curriculum is designed to expand our students’ interests, knowledge, and pride in learning about the Greek heritage and culture while perpetuating an
understanding and respect of Hellenic ideals.

Our Educational Philosophy

GGT’s educational philosophy embraces the belief that all children are capable of
learning, and entitled to educational opportunities where curriculum is student-driven, meaningful, and motivating. Students access skills through direct and differentiated instruction, hands-on activities, and interactive lessons that target listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Our Curriculum

GGT's curriculum is based on the program, Greek123 which was founded by Theodore C. Papaloizos Ph. D., and is used by individuals, teachers, schools, and universities throughout the world. It integrates the use of traditional teaching methods with technology and interactive activities to teach Greek as a second language.


Our Story

GG Tutoring began with a group of parents who had a vision. That vision was to reshape the Greek School experience into a program that was current, engaging, and inclusive while fostering a sense of community and family. It was a vision to create a progressive school whose management, curriculum, and path would always put the children’s needs first. 

Passionate about fostering a cultural education for their children, this group of parents formed a board in 2017 and became Incorporated as Greek Group Tutoring, LLC. The board works collaboratively with our talented faculty, to educate and expand the minds of our children, and to instill in them a deep-seeded sense of pride and love of their Greek heritage and background.  

Still in its infancy, GGT has flourished under the leadership of parent and community volunteers, and experienced and caring teachers. We have earned an excellent reputation as a progressive Greek school program with a whole child approach to learning that provides meaningful opportunities to children to experience and embrace our Greek language, culture, and history. Through a community-based setting of teachers, families, and friends, our children’s lives are enriched and fostered through classroom instruction, extra-curricular educational activities, and social and philanthropic events that teach and reinforce the values, traditions and culture of our Greek heritage. Together, as a community, GGT will persist and achieve the goal of perpetuating the Hellenic ideals and beloved heritage.   


What Parents Have to Say

Our son and daughter recently started at GGT, and it’s been a fantastic experience for the kids. The teachers and the entire staff at GGT are mindful of their students and really get to know the kids and parents.  They make the kids feel super comfortable and make learning fun. We are very thankful to have discovered GGT and their program, and plan to send our youngest once she is eligible!

– Fotini & Dan - Lexington, MA


Get Involved

The GGT board consists of parent volunteers who collaborate with teachers to develop child-centered enrichment activities and events to supplement the curriculum and to expand the students’ interests, knowledge, and pride in learning about the Greek heritage and culture. We are always looking to expand our team, so feel free to reach out with any interest.

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Covid Safety

GGT follows the guidance of the local Lexington Board of Health which no longer requires that masks be worn in public places.  Currently, masks are optional at GGT. We encourage kindness and respect towards those who choose to wear one. 

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